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Micro Realism.


Micro Realism

Howdy? I’m Nguyen, also go by Domm. Originally from Vietnam, and grew up in Bay Area, Cali. I came to OKT 2 years ago for apprenticeship. I’m open to all style, but would definitely love to work on realism with Greek mythology sculpture. I have always had a strong passion with tattoo art since I […]


Micro Realism

My name is Danillo Lima, I’m 35 years old. I’m Brazilian and I’ve been a professional tattoo artist for 17 years and a micro pigmentation artist for breast cancer victims. I do voluntary work at no cost to the patient. My preference in tattooing is black and gray realism, but as an appreciator of the […]


Micro Realism

Hi my name is Naomi. I am from Vietnam and I have been in the United States for 2 years. I am a floral flower, micro realism and horror artist! I got into tattooing in order to get out of the social norm of a 9-5 job, getting to create my own schedule and have […]


Micro Realism

Hello my name is Nguyen, I am from Danang Vietnam and I have been in the US for 9 years. I first moved to Oakland California, I loved the people, scenery and the landscape of the area. I moved to Florida to seek new opportunities and new experiences. After college where I was inspired by […]