What is Microshading?

Microshading is the perfect treatment option for those with a more sensitive or oily skin type. Instead of the hair stroke effect achieved with microblading, microshading uses a stippling method, which involves repetitive dotting of the pigment into the skin. Microshading is also sometimes referred to as Powder Brows or Ombré Powder Brows.

Are Microblading and Microshading Permanent?

Both techniques are considered a form of semi permanent tattoo that will fade over time and lasts 1-3 years. Most artists recommend getting your eyebrows touched up every 8 months – 1 year for maintaining the best results. Microblading procedures and Microshading can be combined to provide the look of natural hairs in the front that fade to a powder brow look towards the tail, this is referred to as Combo Brows.

How long with my eyebrows take to heal?

After microshading, it takes about 10-15 days for your eyebrows to heal. After 3 weeks, the pigment in your brow area will be fully settled. When the brows are fully healed (2-3 weeks), the colour will lighten by 20-30% compared to the first 2 days right after the procedure.

The microblading healing process is slightly longer, you will see the final result in 4-5 weeks.

What will my eyebrows look like?